Comprehensive 24/7 IT & Cloud

Technical support for every facet of your network

What We Offer

Our team of highly skilled technicians is available for:

  • Break-fix service
  • Preventative measures
  • Cloud computing
  • Physical server support
  • Education/best practice guidance for your end-users
  • … and more!

We’re here to make sure you don’t have to deal with IT disasters. When you entrust us with your network, we provide 24/7 support.

New Project Initiatives

A constantly evolving industry, we understand the importance of innovation. We employ a team of brilliant engineers who maintain the highest industry certifications in their field through continued education. 

If you’re considering new initiatives, our engineers will support you every step of the way. We also have partner and reseller relationships with various IT vendors, enabling us to support the network components you have in place and explore new products and services that can improve your operations.

You Need It; We Have It

At Intrasect, our services are scalable to your needs. We provide complete network management services and break-fix support for organizations looking to outsource their IT department—but we also offer smaller-scale services for companies wanting to supplement with existing IT staff.

We’ll provide several layers of support depending on your budget and needs—so reach out to us today to start building a plan.

Cloud Services

Our experienced engineers are skilled in cloud computing and management. We can help your company implement the latest cloud applications to meet your evolving needs, move away from legacy architecture, and roll out new applications, digital solutions, and devices.

If your business is already using the cloud, we can assist with performance optimization, compliance, monitoring, and management for all users and devices, both on premises and remote. We also offer training and education on cloud services to ensure your staff is equipped to work with modern technologies. We are dedicated to helping your company evolve towards scalable and flexible IT that is accessible on the go.


Server virtualization can increase productivity and reduce expenses by optimizing server resources for optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Virtual server infrastructure involves creating multiple isolated virtual environments on a single physical server, helping your business grow by reducing the need for costly backup and disaster recovery, while streamlining data transfer between servers. Our specialized engineers can help your staff focus on your business rather than maintaining server infrastructure.


We offer comprehensive IT support for businesses, including monitoring, asset tracking, process streamlining, patch management, and cybersecurity services. Our team is available 24/7 to support hardware, software, and infrastructure needs and provide end-user training and support. We can also help implement new technology and manage existing systems across a variety of business sectors. In addition, we offer competitive pricing on technology upgrades through partnerships with leading brands.

Network Management

Navigating complex business networks, traffic and interactions requires precision and skill. Our diverse team of senior networking technicians are ready to assist with your network needs including complete management, monitoring and maintenance of all the devices and traffic on your network. With our guidance your team will have complete insight into who is using your network, view the organization of your systems and better evaluate performance. We can assist with mapping and provisioning network resources and provide network management reporting for your team that is both easy to understand as well as precise and informative.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) offering protects your business from data loss and secures critical systems. Our specialists are here to help identify potential threats, implement proactive measures, and create action plans for worst-case scenarios. We offer multiple backup and storage options and regularly audit and test these systems to ensure they are working properly. We also evaluate the impact of downtime on your business and create retention and recovery policies tailored to your specific needs to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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